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I think that every girl and (then later every woman), has had a day when their closet didn't offer up something that said "I'm myself today."


Emaye was me wanting to be identifiably myself. Now this is for us.


The women who are simultaneously many things — a social butterfly and a loner.


A fashionista and a comfort dresser.

Elegant but humble.

The wallflower and the dancer.


This one is for us, so that we have something that leaves space for us to say who were are today, and tomorrow, and next week, and...

Emaye Apparel is a brand that speaks to the juxtaposition of the wildcat and the lady.

It's a place where they can meet, shake hands, and co-exist.


A little daring and a little elegant, either way you choose to look. So when you see an Emaye Woman, she will make you think; fierceness, beauty, strength, sensuality, intelligence, and naivety.


She will make you wonder at how all of this can exist in one woman...

 - Ch'An



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